God Thy Will Be Done

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Album: Sumbangsih
Munsyid: Soutul Jihad
God thy will be done
I can no longer hide
I can no longer run
That gives me the power
To keep up the fight

God thy will be done
Since the decendence of the fight
My real life's begun

And now I see all yoor creation
As one perfect complex
No one less beautiful or
More special than the next
Allah Allahu Allah

We are blessed
And so wise to accept
That thy will God be done

God thy will be done
That makes me strive
For the glorious and divine
I could not be more satisfied
There is peace inside my heart
And that's why I no longer run
God thy will be done

Lagu : Azahari
Lirik : Firouz
Solo : Faizan
Pengirim : Asyraff Hafdzan
01/09/2004   ambil lirik   3488 klik

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