Staring Into Kafir's Eyes

Munsyid: Soldiers of Allah
Surat Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers) 109
In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful
1. Say, O Al-Kafirun
2. I worship not that which you worship
3. Nor will you worship that which I worship
4. And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping
5. Nor will you worship that which I worship
6. To you be your Deen and to me my Deen(Islam)

Who do you fear?
Allah or the Kafir?
Why do you want to be like the kafir when you have the haq (truth) in your hand?
Didn't the SAHABAS look into the kafir's eyes and say:
La - Ilaha - Ilallah Mohammedun Rasul-lu-llah
How many more
of our sister do they have to rape!
How many more
of our brothers must they slaughter by hate!
Don't you know we have suffered too long without an Islamic State!
How much more can you take?

Tell us to give up Islam and wait for Jesus
Celebrate Christmas when it's in season
Giving us fake leaders and fake reasons
Divided our people by flags when they meet us
They want us to pledge to their allegiance
Pushing us towards treason
The?ve broke our Ummah into shattered pieces
Chasing our oil like cheetah
Raping our resources
And then they leave us
Muslims hibernating
Concentrating on not shaving
While kafirs have been invading
Killing and raping
We have no time to be waiting
Reestablish Islam and stop faking
Listen to my Ummah's cries
?m tired of kafir's lies
No I won't compromise
Staring into the enemies eyes

We will never fear you Kafir!
Allah is on our side
I am tired of Kafirs ruling us
Taking over our land,
Taking our resources,
Killing our brothers
& Raping our sisters
Let us unite
Implement Islam
We won't compromise this Deen
We are the best nation ever risen for mankind!!

Trying to destroy Islam
Because they hate us
Muslim racist
But they can't fade us
Throwing us in cages
But they can't cage us
Q?ranic revelations on pages
Spreading of the haqq
Even though these prison cages
Standing together like a pack
Struggling through lif?s tough test stages
They can't destroy Islam
Islam is contagious
From Indonesia to melesia
Too many Muslims to contain us
Instead they take away our Islamic laws
So they can in-slave us! us!

Break our bones!
Our bones will heal!
Cut our skin!
Our wounds will seal!

Put a gun against our head!
Threaten us to death
No fear !!
No Pain do we feel
Prophet (saaw) is the seal
Only to Allah do we kneel
Our Iman hard like steel
Cuz we know Islam is for real!!

We fear Allah and only Allah
Let us be the generation who puts Islam back on the map
We will never compromise Islam
Islam will rule the world
And even if all the Kafirs would fight against it
They will never succeed
Allah is on the believer's side
Victory comes from Allah

You see
You love life
The way we love death
You better put us in our graves
While you still got time left
Cuz when we rebuild our state
We are going to legislate and regulate
Kick out these false leaders cuz the?re fake
Laughing & grinning while they watch our sisters being raped
From Turkey to Afghanistan
From Palestine to Iran
Implement Islamic laws
Take a stand!!
Its Allah's demand
Implement global Jihad!!
Take back our Muslim lands!!!
Run Islam like it's suppose to be ran!!
Don't think we are going to forget about your lies
When you raped our sisters
Slaughtering our brothers as we watched them die
And this time when w?re on the battlefield
We are going to be on opposite sides
W?re not going to think twice
Before we take your life!!!!
Yo?re a loser!
In this life and in the hereafter
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