My Pray

Album: Neo Sholawat
Munsyid: Snada
[00:01.22]Allah, I can't begin to tell You
[00:15.21]Allah, All the thing I love You for
[00:30.17]Allah, I only know that everyday
[00:44.42]I love You more and more

[01:00.21]Allah, all the thing live seen with my eyes
[01:15.22]All the sounds I've heard in my live
[02:37.69][01:29.28]Allah, would You forgive all my faults
[02:51.25][01:44.90]Will You lead me to Your way
[01:56.90]They always remind me of You


[03:02.89]I hope I've always been in love with You
01/09/2004   ambil lirik   10746 klik

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