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Album: The New Presentation
Munsyid: Snada
[00:17.51][00:06.70]Every body said that everybody do
[00:20.57][00:09.52]the important thing somebody should do
[00:23.02][00:12.30]everybody knows that anybody could do
[02:13.00][00:25.74][00:14.91]All the good thing that nobody did

[00:27.89]When old people cont to me and said what you ought to do
[00:31.30]do you want to make you religion true. He do it him self
[00:34.80]but he really didn't have a time and he said that
[00:37.24]the duty was mine.

[00:38.63]Oo.. No..
[00:41.54]not me...
[00:44.16]but I
[00:49.63]Why me
[00:52.50]Oo.. No

[01:50.52]Oo.. No..
[01:53.42]not me...
[01:55.85]but I
[02:01.59]not me...
[02:04.01]Oo.. No..

[01:00.31]When the da'i come by and said give me a hand
[01:03.51]do you want me going to paradise
[01:05.99]Here is something that I don't have time to do
[01:08.66]so I better give it to you

[01:11.08]Oo.. No..
[01:13.75]not me...
[01:16.33]but I
[01:21.98]not me...
[01:24.54]Oo.. No..

[01:32.50]When I'm too busy so I tell everybody
[01:35.37]The work got to get done by somebody
[01:38.34]It could be don't buy anybody, nobody did
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