Highest Love

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Album: The New Presentation
Munsyid: Snada
[00:01.22]There's a thing we all have that is love
[00:15.30]And that thing we all need, that is love

[00:28.74]Love give us happiness and peace in our hearth
[00:35.40]Love threw our loneliness out of our hearth
[00:42.20]And love make everything so beautiful
[00:49.05]And lobe make everything so wonderful

[01:09.93][00:56.01]It's ever come to me, It's ever come to me
[01:16.72][01:03.29]Falling love feeling love oh love
[01:24.02]Then I find different thing about love
[01:37.66]No just all the good thing oh that is love

[01:50.74]Love cause the madness and pain in our hearth
[01:57.68]Love cause the sadness and pain in our hearth
[02:04.88]Love make the happiness and peace in our hearth
[02:11.77]Also the sadness and pain in our hearth

[02:18.27]Why don't you tell me
[02:25.95]about love the true love the highest love
[02:33.13]Please tell me about the true love

[02:59.94]And then I realize about love
[03:13.89]This would be the true one, the highest love

[03:26.94]This love wont make you bad nor cause the gain
[03:34.23]This love will make you glad, again and again
[03:54.67][03:40.86]This is the true love this is the highest love
[04:01.51][03:48.38]Love your god love your god love Allah

[04:08.22]Then he will give you the really love
[04:15.01]Then he will send you people with true love
[04:22.27]You will be happy on the earth and heaven forever
[04:45.80]Just for Allah
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