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Album: The New Presentation
Munsyid: Snada
[00:14.10]In the still of the night pray to the God
[00:26.54]And I try to remind
[00:32.24]All or my sin that I have done
[00:37.30]In the still of the night

[00:44.45]I remember, it forefer, make me fell sorry
[00:53.69]And i hope will be over, only trust in you
[01:02.82]to pray to fast, and to be a good muslim

[01:49.70][01:08.68]Only you in my heart give the way
[01:59.12][01:17.55]To the heaven
[02:08.58][02:01.14][01:19.74]In the still of the night
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