Album: The New Presentation
Munsyid: Snada
[00:00.46]As we grow along together,
[00:07.28]hand in hand working all along, so in love
[00:16.04]I with you and we all know what to do,
[00:21.00]so in love in the world of Allah

[00:27.47]as we work and be together,
[00:34.36]at the start thinking how about.
[00:40.93]Showing love i with you,
[00:44.42]no once else as me and you,
[00:54.58][00:47.79]so in love so much in love

[01:01.64]we grow along together,
[01:08.27]I tell you I need you all so much
[01:15.13]I love I show you my caring.
[02:22.82][01:21.28]Can you tell me in my thought

[02:33.32][01:28.10]as we work you and I together,
[02:39.30][01:34.89]we will life and be together all we die
[02:46.33][01:41.37]so in love I with you just can't wait to say I do
[02:53.01][01:48.41]so in love in the word of Allah,
[03:00.49][01:54.96]so in love are you and I
[03:06.91]so in love

[02:03.55]Brother, I hope you realize that you mean so much to be
[02:09.84]for everything that I ever want,
[02:11.75]and I don't want to lose
[02:13.21]to have what is needed by every body in this world
[02:15.87]I just want have special brother like you forever
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