Situs: liriknasyid.com
Album: Kiasan Naluri
Munsyid: Amar
Who seeks joy in paradise
Will unite within for you and me
Evils harms anyone that stands far away
From our love
Be careful my brother deceit of your foe
Build up your faith
Get the pleasure for the present and future

Wish to gain the virtues in our life
Together we enjoining the good
Avoid the mungkar tune back the missing life
Upholding Al-Quran and As-Sunnah

The world has shown and the history has proven
Everything is true then it wins the barriers
So let us together build it again
The powers of faithful
The powers of mind

Lagu : Saleh
Lirik : AMAR
Album : Kiasan Naluri
Pengirim : Asyraff Hafdzan
Sumber: http://www.telagabiru.com.my
31/08/2004   ambil lirik   6036 klik

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