Love And Care

Munsyid: Mawaddah
Love and care is priceless
In this world all over i have search
Ive been searching for sympathy for so long
But what i have found people do not care for athors

Oh god brotherhood has disapeared
Friends do not visit anymore
You are you, I am I
Our hearts has run dry

There is no way to confide
If I confide it becomes a source of mockery
There is no one to share in life
At the end of time everyone living in their on way

People did not care for me
And I did not care for others
Life is like the life of animlas
Think for yourself, You eat for yourself

Love and care no longer exits in this world
Oh god help unite our hearts together
Love and care that is strong with one another
Unity will take place in life felling of toghertherness in peace and harmony
Pengirim : Muhammad Amirul Akmal
04/12/2012   ambil lirik   5542 klik

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