How Much I Care About You

Album: Konsolidasi
Munsyid: Baitulitmain
I miss the way you look at me
Coz youre always on my mind
If there's one face I want to see
So beautiful so sweet

There is patience and understanding
I try to be unselfish
Until now,until now
Im still waiting for you

One thing you should know
One thing you should think
The thing is I still love you
Please dont leave me
Please dont make me cry
As youve done to me before
Give me reason
Give me reason
Why its so hard to say
You love me
You miss me
As I love and miss you

You tell me what Ive done for you
You tell me how much I care about you
But why you always leave me behind
And find another love
Pengirim : Baitulitmain
16/05/2010   ambil lirik   6514 klik

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