The New Quranic Generation

Album: G.E.N.E.R.A.T.I.O.N.S
Munsyid: Mirwana
The prophet said
You cannot turn to Allah
Or gain His love
With anything superior
Than reading the Quran

He also reminded us
I leave two advisors
One which speaks
And the other is silent

One which speaks
Is the Quran
One which is silent
Is remembrance of death

He also said
The best among you
Is he who learns the Quran
And teaches it

We are the best
Let us be the best
Let us be Men of Quran

Song by Syah
Lyric by Zarinah Zakaria
Produced by Syah
Vocals Mirwana
Pengirim : Asyraff Hafdzan
01/09/2004   ambil lirik   7153 klik

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