City of Medina

Album: Mountains of Makkah
Munsyid: Zain Bhikha
City of Medina

Mercy and Blessings from above,
descend ceaselessly on Medina
People feel the joy, people feel the love,
in the city of Rasullullah
A perfect path he laid for everyone,
He lived and died for us, what have I done
I have forsaken his life; I have abandoned his way,
Oh Allah now my time has come

Deep in my heart I feel a change has begun
Deep in my soul I feel the warmth of the sun
Burning bright with Imaan on the road to Ihsaan
All my obstacles I will overcome

Peace be upon Rasullullah
Peace be upon Habibillah
Peace be upon Muhammad
Peace be upon ShafiAllah
Peace be upon Khairakhilqillah
Peace be upon Muhammad
Last of the Ambiyaa
Without his sunnah, we're disgraced,
People rushing in order to embrace
The Rahmah that Allah sends down to this place
To the city of Medina

Every language and colour you can see
There is unrivalled hospitality
And dates that's as sweet as the smile of a child
Oh I feel so unworthy

Oh how my mind races back in time
To the day in Medina he arrived
And all the people came running happily outside
To welcome the Messenger

For his call was to worship the One
Their hearts united with the beating of the drum
And the children were singing praises to him
I wish I couldնe been there with them

Standing before him I realize that I have strayed
Oh Allah, give me the strength to mend my ways
With tears in my eyes, I sincerely pray

Pengirim : Muhammad Hasbi - Mesir
21/05/2007   ambil lirik   6185 klik

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