The Journey

Album: Mountains of Makkah
Munsyid: Zain Bikha
All across, ocean and land
Incumbent on all man
Is the pilgrimage to Mecca
Fifth pillar of Islam
In the footsteps of Muhammed (PBUH
The last prophet of Allah

Bow Down, Bow down and praise Allah
First sight of the Ka'bah
Break down and Praise Allah

The path, this journey from afar
To the city of Makkah
To strengthen what we believe in
The voyage we undertake
Hear the echo in the wind
Labaik, Allah Humma Labbaik

Ismaeel, son of Ibraheem
Lay on the burning sand
With his mother running frantically
Between Safa and Marwa
From the sky came Angel Jibraeel
Brought a blessing from Allah...Allah

It isn't always easy, there is so much we don't know
So many people in this world just don't know which way to go
But if our faith prevails
We'll always do our very best
To have the strongest conviction
And survive the greatest test

Here we are, leaving Mina

Conviction in our hearts
Crying out to the heavens
On the plains of Arafah
Standing proud beside my brother
Silent at Muzdalifah

Pengirim : sumayyah abdul aziz
28/11/2006   ambil lirik   5303 klik

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