Through Your Eyes

Album: Far East
Munsyid: Far East
When we were young, we saw the world with open eyes
When we ere oung, each day was filled with wonder
In our innocence, we thought no wrong and did no wrong
but over time, things change

We played our games, each and every day
So happy to be with friends
The world was fun, and we were so happy to be as one
But over time, things change

Through your eyes (I can see you)
Through your eyes (I can feel you)
Looking through your eyes

As we grew old, our smiles dissappeared
Our friends became people to use
How I miss those days, when we were all so innocent
But over time, things change

But now I'm a father, I can see the world through my baby's eyes
This precious gift of life means more than words can ever say
The darkness has been swept away, as your glorious light shines through
Thank you Allah, thank you Allah, thank you Allah

The way you looked at me when you were born
I knew my life had changed forever
How I wish my father could have seen this day
But in my heart I know he loves you

Song & Lyric: Johari Abdullah (J.P)
Pengirim : Asyraff Hafdzan
01/09/2004   ambil lirik   9247 klik

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