When U

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Album: Berhenti Sejenak
Munsyid: Justice Voice

When you see people around you
So much suffer and don't know what to do
Think about their sadness
Think about their pain that seems in their eyes
Are you gonna start to give them help
To give a new hope and try to shine their life
Would you share your happines
And make them smile again like others
Reff. Cause its time for us
To start giving
To show them we care
Strengthen them up
Reach their hands. And show them
They're not alone

Bridge. Let's hold on together
Let's help other
To live better
Happily ever after.

lagu : Faris JV
Lirik : Diah
Editor: Wiwid JV
Arr. : Faris JV
Vokal: Faris JV
Arr. Vokal: Faris JV
Pengirim : aga
26/02/2006   ambil lirik   7710 klik

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