Love and Care

Album: Kasih Sayang
Munsyid: Qatrunada
Every one in need of love
Love and care
It?s a love and happiness we?re looking for
Every one of us needs to be defended
In need of protection
With dignity and honour
Basic human rights shouldn?t be violated
Offenders must be brought up
In the face of justice
To live with tolerance
Should be there within your heart
It leads to the rule of life in society
To reason and be together
For a life of happiness
Blessings and peace within the society
Tell me where
O tell me where
Love and care we?re searching for
The need of man?s instinct
Has been withered away
Hopes that we hold on
Have been totally destroyed
Causing death and destrution
Poverty and deprivation
Are neglected so beware the rulers and the rich
Never seem to love and care
Tell me where
O tell me where
Love and care we?re searchingfor
Oh god you are the one
We lie all our hopes
Only you the protector
Only you the defender
You are the one we?re looking for
The true life sulution
Pengirim : Ajang Jalali
24/04/2005   ambil lirik   10775 klik

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