The Unletered Proped

Munsyid: Brothers
[00:14.57]People of the book
[00:20.29]Refuse to accept you
[00:23.37]People who believe
[00:26.11]In the unseen have faith in you

[00:33.36]You are the light
[00:39.98]Shining bright and true

[02:54.21][02:27.41][01:43.90][00:46.40]Wish you are here
[02:57.73][02:30.43][01:47.11][00:49.59]Wish you are here to know and see
[03:01.46][02:34.24][01:50.61][00:53.42]Trying our best
[03:04.29][02:37.29][01:53.38][00:56.29]Trying our best to be the best
[03:08.26][02:41.27][01:57.46][00:59.87]Cause you are the best
[03:15.00][02:47.21][02:03.48][01:06.33]Shining bright and true

[01:13.14]The unlettered prophet
[01:17.46]Messenger of Allah
[01:20.85]Seal of the prophet
[01:23.69]Muhammad Rasulullah

[01:30.64]You are the light
[01:37.16]Shining bright and true

[02:10.44]Eventhough I live my life without seeing you
[02:17.80]You were always there somewhere
[02:21.22]I feel you in my heart

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