Look At

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Album: Tanda Syukur
Munsyid: Mupla
Look at the day, that were living in
Look at the night, when we stay to sleep
Look at the sun, shining to the earth
Look at the moon, the most beautiful one

Look at the bird, flying by the wingsd
Look at the ant, shaking hand to hand
Look at the rose, red or white so closed
Looking again...

wiu...wiu..its that what we should do ..
wiuu ..wiu.. for me and you ..
wiuu ...wiuu .. to find the truth
wiuu ..wiuu...

Looking everything ,so exactly we re nothing
Looking everythin
remeber the creator of all the things
That Allah,
Just Allah ..

Lirik 7 Lagu : M Irfan Hidayatullah
Pengirim : yannie
17/04/2005   ambil lirik   5441 klik

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