Munsyid: Dawud Wharnsby Ali
I'm gonna take my bicycle and ride out to a field
And pray under the sky with the mosquitoes and the birds
We can pray together
You can come with me
Have you ever called adzan while standing high up in the tree

Every single blade of grass
Everyday among the past
Every coloured leaves
That decorate the fall

Every flakes of snow is different
Every places you go is different
Everyone you know is different
That's the beauty of it all

Allah makes picture puzzle pieces with the passing clouds
We can count and play and dream upon the beauty of His signs
I like to lay down with my head up on the grass
Loughing with the moon and winking back at stars that pass

Every single star you see
And every rock within the sea
Every drop of rain
That you've ever felt for

Every prints on every finger on each human on the earth
is different from each other finger print
Since the start of time

Nadiah speaks with her hands
Not a sound comes from her lips
Abdullah doesnt use his eyes
Reading with his finger tips

Every face on you and me
Every stripe on every bee
Every creature that you see
Swim, fly, run or crawl
Pengirim : Hijau Alam
17/01/2005   ambil lirik   6488 klik

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