A Muslim Country Kid

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Album: Teman Sejati
Munsyid: Brothers
Once upon a time there was a kid
Lived peacefully in country-side

Dad was beside him all the time
Taught him many things about life
And Mum gave him love all the time

Dad taught him to read the Quran
Mum showed him the way to be kind

They told him don't be blind
When you face the lies of life
In your heart must have iman

Remember Allah all the time
To survive the test of life successfully

The life we're living now
Would only last for a while
Akhirat is the destiny
The given chance is only once

For that you must promise us
That you would never let us down
Even 'though we both are gone
31/08/2004   ambil lirik   14118 klik

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